Yellow Tea

Update (2015-05-03): My friends, I’m sorry to say that the site is no longer up. That’s just how the fortune cookie crumbles sometimes. Haha! 😉

Yellow tea is a more rare tea, some describe it as a cross between green and white tea. It is prepared similar to green tea, but the leaves are dried differently and it has a different color and scent than either green or white tea.

I visited my local tea shop last night. I was surprised to learn that they did not know about yellow tea! Yellow tea is the new white tea. Everyone knows about white tea these days.

I know of a tea shop in London (on Camden High Street) that sells yellow tea in addition to some other truly wonderful teas. On my last visit I picked up some amber mountain yellow tea, which was a delight. The name of the shop is ChinaLife, and I highly recommend it for Amber Mountain Yellow tea if you are in the London area!

There is a wonderful site all about yellow tea at This is a very well-designed site which appears to follow the Teaist philosophy of simplicity. It contains everything you could want to know about yellow tea.

If you ever have the change to come across some yellow tea, I suggest you give it a taste. Even if only to be able to say that you’ve had it!